Thanks to our selected staff of native-speaker translators, we can translate any type of text (generic, commercial, tourist, economic, legal, technical, medical, etc.) to and from any language.
Regardless of you providing us with a Word document, a website, an Excel spreadsheet or any format, we have the means and technology to extract the text and “make a custom-made translation”.
At this point, you can say:

I have the translated texts with the terms I agreed with the translator. If I entrust you with a translation work, I do not want you to use synonyms.

TNo problem! For us consistency in terminology is in first place. For this reason we are equipped to manage multilingual glossaries or terminology databases based on the preferences of each customer.

We use different types of glossaries, from the simplest, containing only the term and its translation, to the most complex ones that are not limited to the definition of the term, but give semantics, examples, and contexts.
Simply put, if you provide us with the translation to your favorite terms in the text, we will use that, without looking for synonyms.


Unlike others, we consider proofreading a fundamental process.
If you want the text to be re-checked by someone other than the translator, because you want to be sure that “there is not even a comma out of place” ask for a review. In this way your text will be:

  1. Translated by a native speaker
  2. Double-checked by the same person
  3. Reviewed by another native speaker
  4. Re-read by us with attention to every single detail before the final delivery

You can also ask us to review texts previously translated by others.

At this point you only need to click once to contact us and learn more.

Our strong point: sworn translations.

But what are they?

Simplifying are translations that must have legal value in Italy or in a foreign state. Here are a few examples:

  • Documents (Identity card, Social Security, Driver’s license)
  • Civil status certificates (birth, death)
  • Judicial proceedings
  • Contracts for sale, rent, succession
  • Certificates of diploma, degree, transcripts

When translated, the translator swears, usually in front of the justice of the peace, to have faithfully translated the text. This process is called affidavit. If the original document is in a foreign language and is translated into Italian for use in Italy, the affidavit gives legal value in the Italian translation.
If, however, the original document is in Italian language and is translated into a foreign language to be used in a foreign state, then the legalization that gives legal force is required in the foreign country to the translation. . If this foreign state is one of the participants in the Hague Convention then the Apostille is released.

I did not write this information to let you know by heart, but only for information purposes. What you need to do is in order:

  1. Send us a scan of your text by email to or fill out this form
  2. wait for our reply email that will arrive within a maximum of one hour and will contain the costs and delivery time.
  3. From the time you confirm the assignment, we think of everything: translation, sworn, legalization if necessary and shipping directly to your home by courier service.

Did you see? You do not have to study or anything, let alone leave your home. Just click here to contact us..

Localization is not just about differences in language, spelling rules and grammar, it’s also about shapes, colours and images, which can play an important role in how people see and perceive a brand or product.
For a business to succeed internationally it needs to build up cultural – as well as language – skills. The culture of a country, region or group, in fact, can develop and change over time and it is really understood only by the people who live in the specific country or region or belong to the specific group.
The benefits of professional language localization are:

  • Improved visibility in search engines
  • Compliance with the local terms used by the selected target
  • Adaptation of content to the language and cultural diversity of your customers

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